The Artwork of Nicholas Dwyer

Heavy Air Support

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This is a heavy aircraft designed to supply fuel, fire power, cargo and intel. It is a Spec Ops gunship, cargo, and tanker- all in one. Similar to the Harvest Hawk KC-130J concept by the US Marines. The gunship is between a C-130 and a A400M in size. This plane features a double wing for long range missions and a larger amount of fuel to offload for IFR. The Forewing features multiple hardpoints for munitions, accepting cruisemissles, smart bombs etc. The Aft Wing features two refueling pods, and several additional hardpoints. The main weapons are the side mounted cannons. Like the AC-47 Spooky/ AC-130 Spectre gunship’s this is a cheap way to rain down heavy firepower, with precision strike, on ground targets. A heavy cannon and a gattling autocannon is sported on each side of the craft, which enables it to fly a circuit of destruction in any direction. The larger cannon is a 120mm designed to destroy ships and buildings, and large crowds, where the smaller 25 mm autocannon is usually used for everything else. Though primarily used in lower tech battlespaces, the canted tail stabs and other features reduce radar signature to an acceptable levels of risk-until its stealthy replacement is fielded.


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