The Artwork of Nicholas Dwyer

Clay and Fire





These are the first ceramic artworks I’ve shared here. I am enjoying another outlet and medium, and ceramic clay is one of my favorites now.

Anasazi is a small coffee-type cup, and features a high fire glaze called “Zombie”. This batch was watered down, hence the more yellow than green and orange hues. The cup has three fingers or outshoots, echoed by three circular marks, hug your fingers and give while it is a smaller cup, it has presence on the table. I have long been interested in the Anasazi, and this cup sends me to some lost desert, reminds of artifacts and alien space crafts. I was once told that my ceramic art looks like it could have been dug up from the ground, and yet it has is its own style that is neither truly past or present.

Leviathan. It has evoked an idea of a ship or sails and also, shoes in me and people around me during its build. Shoe-boat just doesn’t have the same ring to it. The flowing lattice arches seems to follow the waves, and the connections and color transitions keep the eye moving.

I feel like each of my early ceramic arts could expand into additional work of a set or theme in the future.

Contact me for prices and availability.



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