The Artwork of Nicholas Dwyer

tsoukalos effect

tz1tz2tz3tz4atz5tz6 tz7 tz8


One response

  1. The Tolima Flyers, Giorgio Tsoukalos, ancient Aliens and technology, and modern myth and morality meet in this trio of gold figurines. You’ve see the guy with the crazy hair and the discovery channel show that draws conclusions about ancient people and art, drawing ties between aliens and artifacts. You may even see possibilities and evidence. Im not ridiculing anyone, infact having an open mind is a great thing. Conversation I want to spur through this work range from topics on TV and meme culture to, to morality or consequences of modern warfare and drone attacks. Creating alternate realities is always fun.

    February 13, 2016 at 1:56 pm

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