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Bagram (Jan 2006)




Evasion:Through the Moonlit Precipice


“Copter” VTOL Drone


This is a glimpse of the near future. Everything will be automated.

The assault will be lead with drones with a few stealths overseeing the attack.

Maybe your local police will fly these, or a private security contractor.

I added a thrust vectoring nozzle to replace the tail rotor and imply advanced

helicopter aerobatics.Perhaps it has a mind of its own, we’ll just have to see.


Pen on paper, digitally colored in Photoshop with Wacom intuos 4 pen & tablet.

Crowd funding

I am working on a story that has multiplied into a trilogy which has now developed into a tetralogy. I have named this arching story Bad Element.

The definition of crowd funding is here:

I want to take my concept art and create a graphic novel and eventually a create a film and possibly a video game. In the end this would be great to turn into a web comic too. Tell your friends!

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Hypersonic Bombers

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Big thanks to my client and new friend Christoph Petry for the commission of this work and for approaching me for this project. It was really cool taking your ideas, adding mine and creating these planes. Sie rocken Mann!

-Hypersonic aircraft from the future- designed with scram jet technology these bombers are self-powered and can dash at Mach 10. Based on real technology in development.

US bomber is a multi mission designed to perform hypersonic strikes and conventional bomber missions. The Russian Aircraft is more of a space plane, designed for delivery of nuclear weapons and suborbital flight.


Turbo Prop 3D

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