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primitive, hi-tech

“primitive, hi-tech” from Nick Dwyer on Vimeo.

A video I made about my "Art & Tech" class projects (at the art school, at OU). Thanks to Brent and Pete for teaching me.

I think that this is a good start and hope it makes you want to try Arduino too.

Primitive, hi-tech is a statement about our mindset on technology and how it has changed over the ages of our existence. In so many ways we are still like our caveman past selves. Look at the kind of technology we possess…look what we use it for….

Nick Dwyer


Evasion:Through the Moonlit Precipice



Sorry its been a while…newborn baby and back in school. Time is my enemy!

This is a sketch from a year ago that I photoshoped tonight. It was for an artificial texture assignment concept, but wasnt used in the end.

Mechanical animals anyone? Growing up in the 80’s, I fell in love with Battle Beasts…best toys ever! Animal humanoids with body armor, weapons, vehicles and best of all…Holograms!!!

Oh, Nostalgia.


“Copter” VTOL Drone


This is a glimpse of the near future. Everything will be automated.

The assault will be lead with drones with a few stealths overseeing the attack.

Maybe your local police will fly these, or a private security contractor.

I added a thrust vectoring nozzle to replace the tail rotor and imply advanced

helicopter aerobatics.Perhaps it has a mind of its own, we’ll just have to see.


Pen on paper, digitally colored in Photoshop with Wacom intuos 4 pen & tablet.


This is the final project for my comic class Ink Plots / understanding graphic novels class (taught by Bob Dohrmann at OU).

I plan on taking this story to the next level…

Please note that like math I have avoided the human form my entire life so cut me some slack. I have finally begun working on developing my people skills (drawing). There is also some things I think I will change, but this work was turned in a day late so…Let me know what you think. The image is a sample page from the comic.

Here is the my comic   Small file size: SARAINICKDWYERSM


(Pen on paper, Photoshop)

Crowd funding

I am working on a story that has multiplied into a trilogy which has now developed into a tetralogy. I have named this arching story Bad Element.

The definition of crowd funding is here:

I want to take my concept art and create a graphic novel and eventually a create a film and possibly a video game. In the end this would be great to turn into a web comic too. Tell your friends!

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