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Bagram (Jan 2006)




Evasion:Through the Moonlit Precipice



wind4After a break from posting I’m back. I have been creating artwork during my word press black out and have a lot to update. Thanks for coming back!

More to come on this concept art. In the theatre of conflict, even an out matched and overran foe can even the odds through cunning and raw firepower.

“Copter” VTOL Drone


This is a glimpse of the near future. Everything will be automated.

The assault will be lead with drones with a few stealths overseeing the attack.

Maybe your local police will fly these, or a private security contractor.

I added a thrust vectoring nozzle to replace the tail rotor and imply advanced

helicopter aerobatics.Perhaps it has a mind of its own, we’ll just have to see.


Pen on paper, digitally colored in Photoshop with Wacom intuos 4 pen & tablet.

F-35 XL (Twin Engine F-35)

This kind of reminds me of the YF-23 and the J-20.

I wanted to make a Navy safe version/ heavier fighter bomber

aircraft. This could come in a stretched two seater as well I suppose.

The wing is a delta configuration.

No forward canards…US doesn’t believe in them.

FYI I made the name F-35 XL as a reference to the F-16XL

prototypes: an extended fuselage/wing for an extended

range fighter-bomber model (it lost the competition to the F-15E

Strike Eagle so it was cancelled) and the prototypes were given to

NASA- check them out:

Adobe Photoshop.

Image credit: I was able to modify the original image

found through Creative Commons and flickr here uploaded by

mashelymorgan. Thanks!

Crowd funding

I am working on a story that has multiplied into a trilogy which has now developed into a tetralogy. I have named this arching story Bad Element.

The definition of crowd funding is here:

I want to take my concept art and create a graphic novel and eventually a create a film and possibly a video game. In the end this would be great to turn into a web comic too. Tell your friends!

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