The Artwork of Nicholas Dwyer



{Student of the University of Oklahoma, Fine Arts}

{Freelance artist}

{USAF veteran}

Nick Dwyer.ART is my way of sharing my art and ideas.

I am currently working on a few projects that I hope to

create on a larger scale for a wider audience.

I relish in digital distortion and I like to think of it as

a kind of electric guitar/ distorted energy for the eye

(and brain). Music is often playing as I work, and I think it

is just as important a tool as my chisel and hammer,

pen and paper, or Wacom tablet– while I sculpt, draw or digital paint.

The artwork I post here often focuses on things that

I am interested in; aircraft, sci-fi and various art mediums

to name a few. When I was a child the natural world

inspired me. Along the way technology has shaped our

lives- video and music really changed me as a person.

Animation, music videos and movies really broadened my knowledge

like so many other young people in the 80’s and 90’s and I think

the collective conciseness plays a huge role in relating to art and culture

in general. I love the band TOOL, huge influence.

The things that were made the biggest influential

impact on me as a child, [at least for shaping my art style(s)]

were dinosaurs, Zoo Books and other science books, Lego,

Military aircraft models and toys, MTV and Sci-Fi flicks

like Godzilla and Short Circuit. Growing up half in California and

half in Oklahoma between 1983 and 2003 probly mixed some

things up too.


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